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Zahra Jlayer, a multifaceted visionary, stands at the intersection of art and science breathing life into the cultural landscape of New Rochelle. As the curator of Vanda Gallery, Zahra has become a driving force behind the local art scene, creating a haven for artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Born and raised in an environment steeped in artistic inspiration, Zahra’s journey into the world of art began under the influence of her self-taught artist and poet father. Despite pursuing a career in medicine, Zahra’s passion for painting endured. A physician pathologist and former medical examiner, she found solace in the world of art, curating exhibitions that not only showcased her father’s work but also became a testament to her unwavering commitment to the arts.

The decision to open Vanda Gallery emerged from Zahra’s dedication to providing a platform for local artists, eliminating the need for residents of New Rochelle and Westchester to travel to New York City to experience exceptional art. This endeavor reflects her deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of art and its ability to enrich and connect communities.

Zahra’s artistic pursuits have not been without challenges. Balancing the demands of medical school and a burgeoning career in pathology, she tenaciously clung to her love for painting. Even during the busiest times, her desire for artistic expression remained alive. In curating exhibitions for her father, she found a way to feed her craving for art while nurturing a space for the creative voices of others.

Today, Zahra Jlayer continues to be a guiding force at Vanda Gallery, weaving a narrative that intertwines life and art. Through her unique perspective, she brings a harmonious blend of talent and creativity to the forefront, enriching the cultural fabric of New Rochelle and leaving an indelible mark on the artistic community she has cultivated. Zahra’s journey is a testament to the belief that art, in all its forms, has the power to heal, inspire, and unite communities.

Zahra Jlayer Abstract
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Lavender Field

January 20th – February 20th: curator and exhibiting artist for “l’art de l’amour“ exhibition at Vanda Gallery, New Rochelle

January 31st: Art Curators Q & A, Rockland Art Festivals

March 1st – March 27th: Curator and exhibiting artist for “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories“ exhibition at Vanda Gallery, New Rochelle. (In collaboration with National Association of Women Artists)

April 5th – April 30th: Curator and exhibiting artists for “Celebrating World Art Day 2024” exhibition at Vanda Gallery, New Rochelle. ( In collaboration with IAA-US.ORG, official partner of UNESCO)


April 1st – 30th: One River School of Art and Design

April 13th – May 13th: Bendheim Gallery – Greenwich Art Council

September 30th: Larchmont Art Festival, Constitution Park

October 20 – November 30: Curating “New Beginning” group exhibition at Vanda Gallery

October 20- October 30: Design logo, poster, banner and T. Shirt for Dr. Wildcliff’s Haunted Greenhouse and Mansion, Hudson Park

December 8th – January 8th: Curator and exhibiting artist for “Festive” Exhibition at Vanda Gallery, New Rochelle 


April 2nd – 30th: Arts on the Avenues – Larchmont

May 5th – 28th: Heart Art Gallery

May: Warburton Gallery

July – September: The Idea Kitchen (Solo Exhibition)


May – June: National Association of Women Artists, virtual exhibition

October 1st – 31st: Hammond Museum October virtual exhibition

October 16th – 23rd: 132nd Annual Exhibition by NAWA members. at One Art Space in TriBeCa/ first in person exhibition after pandemic 




Jan 8th – Jan 30th: NAWA Cold II



April 1st – April 30th: JCC Art Show

March 31st – April 18th: Dermot Gale Show

May 16th: Artbash 2019

June 1st – June 28th: Lord and Andra Gallery

Sep 14th – Oct 20th: New Rochelle Art Association

Nov 6th – 26th: New Members Exhibition of National Association of Women Artists

Nov 2019 – Feb 2020: Comforting Connections

Dec 2nd – 26th: Nature Hacks

Dec 15th: Adolph Grant Exhibit


Feb – March: Chashama’s space to create, Private show by appointment only

March 4th – March 25th: Belskie Museum of Art and Science

March 12th – April 20th: The Art of the Brain Exhibition, The Grady Alexis Gallery

March 31st – April 22nd: Dermot Gale Award Show

April 4th: Raw Artist, San Francisco

May 5th – May 29th: Bronxville Women’s Club

June 7th: Chashama Gala 2018

June 14th – July 14th:  ArtCell Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

July 5th – July 27th:  Beaux Arts Finale Exhibition

July 11th – Aug 8th:  Arts Bookfield Hosts Chashama

Sep 8th – Jan 13th: New York Hall of Science

Sep 15th – Oct 29th: 103rd Annual Juried Show

Oct 20th: Art of Peace

Oct 20thInfinite Potential Reception In Hall of Science

Dec 8th: Mount Kisco Public Library


April 29th: Chelsea Music & Art Festival

May 6th: Mamaroneck Artists Guild, Momaroneck

June 8th: Live Painting at Chasham Gala, New York

July 8th: The New Hope Gallery Receptionm, New Hope

Aug 16th: Live Painting at Conception Contemporary Art Show, Boston

Sep 16th – Oct 19th: New Rochelle Art Association’s Annual Juried Exhibition

Oct 24th: Raw New York City Presents Savor

Nov 18th: Cancer Research Benefit Art Show, Arizona

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